Shri Sampoorn Navgrah Yantra (Wooden Base – Gold plated)


  • Use this for for pacifying the nine planets, attaining peace, prosperity, good health and pleasure.
  • To energize Shri Sampoorn Navgrah Yantra, On Thursday morning, after having bath, wash the Yantra with clean water and wipe it clean with a soft piece of cloth then install it with full faith at your worshipping place. Light a lamp and kindle some incense sticks. Offer flowers of mixed colors and then recite the Beej Mantra of this Yantra.
  • Beej Mantra : “Om Bramha Murari Tripurantkari Bhanushashi Bhumisutau Bhudhashch, Gurushcha Shukra Shani Rahu Ketavah Sarve Grahah Shantikara Bhawantu” | Presiding Deity : Lord Vishnu | Day to Establish : Thursday | Direction for placing this Yantra : East

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