Who was Uddhava?

Uddhava was a great friend of Shri Krishna and his loving devotee. He was sent to Vrindavan by Shri Krishna with a message to the Gopis whose hearts always yearned to see Shri Krishna in their midst and yet lived in constant communion with him under all circumstances. Gopis thronged round Uddhava when he reached the place and most impatiently asked him questions about Shri Krishna. He gave them Shri Krishan’s message full of words of high spiritual knowledge. “The all pervading Supreme is not confined to any particular place or thing. He is everywhere, immanent in all existences. See him in all things and happenings.” The Gopis denied knowledge of this abstract, all-pervasive something; for, they said, they were simple rustics living in villages and woods and they longed to look for their playmate Shyamsundra with his charming face, lotus eyes, curly hair and sweet melodious music of the flute. They said it was Shyamsundra Whom they saw on the banks of the Jamuna, on the hill-tops, under the trees and in the bowers, here, there and everywhere. Uddhava was delighted to see in the Gopis so many living embodiments of perfect Love. He saw them all exceeding him in knowledge and self-awareness of the Supreme and placed the dust of the Gopis feet on his forehead.

His love for Shri Krishna knew no bounds. He followed him to Dwaraka and held a prominent place in the king’s cabinet. He wished to follow Shri Krishna during his final departure for, as he said, he could not live even for half-a-second without him. But Shri Krishna told him that he would be needed for his work in the world even after. He had left it. He was present with Shri Krishna when at Prabhasa on the bank of the Saraswati Shri Krishna departed from this world, leaving all his teachings to Uddhava. Uddhava went to Badarikashrama as directed by Shri Krishna and mourned and wept over his separation from Shri Krishna for a long time. Of him, Shri Krishna himself said, “After My departure from this world, Uddhava will preserve the knowledge I have unfolded. He is in no way inferior to Me and he will give My teachings to the world.”

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    The Great soul where words fall short.

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